Date of Birth: 8.7.74

Resides in: Oakland, CA

3rd Year M.F.A. Candidate, San Francisco State University

B.F.A., California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA, 2000

This page features the work of Larysa Rybchynska, a Ukrainian immigrant/anarchist and skilled painter. Larysa teaches painting and drawing at KidsArt in San Francisco.

"I want my paintings to look real. In my work, I combine a realistic rendering of objects with issues of contemporary culture. I forbid myself to create narratives when I paint. However, it's unavoidable that figurative work carries some associations with the mythic or literary narratives of one's culture. I try to escape this by concentrating on the ambiguous nature of the human unconscious. In my choice of objects, I fully rely on my intuition. This adds a quality of collage to my work. My usual process involves a series of photographs I have shot layered together without a special system or plan. After being clustered together, the images begin to take on a life of their own based on the conflation of light, space and content. The lengthy process of adding and subtracting from a collage yields a final composition."
   - Larysa