The Best Sex Museums In The World

While many people go out of their way to avoid them, thousands of others are curious and very interested in what the best sex museums in the world have to offer. 

Whether you’re researching sex tourism for your studies, fancy going to one for a laugh with your friends or are genuinely interested in learning about blowjob porn and what sex is like in different parts of the world, this post is for you!

Let’s take a ride!

TOP 5 Best Sex Museums In The World

1- Temple of Venus

The Red Light District of Amsterdam (Netherlands), is not only a place to go to pay for blowjob porn or a night of hardcore sex. Here you will also find the first and oldest sex museum in Europe and the world.

This museum opened its doors in 1985 in the famous Damrak Street (in front of the Central Station) and since then it has been presenting to everyone who visits it, a huge collection of sexual objects, erotic paintings and everything you can imagine related to the world of sex.

With three floors full of sexual content, this museum receives around 500,000 visitors per year, faithful sex enthusiasts who seek to appreciate the museum’s sexual artifacts that are at least 4,000 years old.

Temple Of Venus
Temple Of Venus – Amsterdam

2- Erotic Heritage Museum

This museum could not be better located, it opened its doors in 2008, nothing more and nothing less than in the city of sin (Las Vegas). Since then this museum focuses on the American sexual revolution of the nineteenth century.

It has about nine galleries where photographs, scenic arts and even porn films of very specific areas of American sexuality are presented daily.

For example: The exhibition “House of Gord” shows the charm of ultra bondage, that is, the dream come true of any fan of sadomasochism.

This place is full of art, so if you visit, you can’t miss the bathrooms, where you will come across what they call “Toilet Humor”, basically dirty jokes painted on the bathroom walls to get a couple of laughs while emptying the tank and you are allowed to leave your contribution!

Erotic Heritage Museum
Erotic Heritage Museum – Las Vegas

3- MusEros Museum

Despite being in our TOP 3, it may not be the best time to visit this great museum, remember that currently Russia and Ukraine are in a war that would certainly put your life at risk.

If when you are reading this, the problem has already passed, this is the erotic museum that you should definitely visit. In it you will find a lot of sexual art pieces ranging from paintings to life-size sculptures having oral sex, no doubt you will feel like you are in a blowjob porn.

However, its most attractive piece is the penis of Rasputin himself, this famous “mad monk”, advisor to royalty and by all accounts, a very well endowed man.

His 12-inch penis is in a separate room from the other 15,000 erotic artifacts on display in the museum, surrounded by large red curtains, and to see it you’ll have to pay a little extra.

Russian Sex Museum
MusEros Museum – Russia

4- Museum Of Sex

The city that never sleeps (New York) also offers a sexual and exciting experience for those interested in sex and its history. Opened in 2002, this famous museum houses some 15,322 erotic artifacts that will leave you speechless.

This museum has it all, the serious side with all the interesting artifacts, the informative side with the various exhibits on topics such as the sex lives of animals and the unusual side with inflatable boobs and even an erotic amusement park!

In addition to its erotic art, costumes and technology, the Museum of Sex offers temporary exhibitions such as “Sex Lives of Robots” and “Rubbers: The Life, History and Struggle of the Condom”.

New York Sex Museum
Museum Of Sex – New York

5- Museum of Erotica

Located in one of the tourist capitals of the world (Barcelona), the Museum of Erotica of Spain has been engraved in the history of Spain as the first museum of erotic art in Spain.

It is certainly not one of the largest erotic museums in the world, however its more than 800 works of art cover all areas of cultural and historical eroticism, from the sex of Ancient Civilizations and the Far East to European and Indian tantric sex.

Within its seven galleries, there are specialized exhibits, such as the exhibition on sadomasochism or on the most common sexual fetishes.

Museum of Erotica Barcelona
Museum of Erotica – Spain

Ever since we humans were able to control and channel sex beyond the instinct of procreation, we have been very intrigued with the incredible variety of practices, gadgets and complements that we have invented to adapt it to the sexual needs of each one.

And without a doubt, one of the best ways to understand this is to visit the best erotic museums in the world, where various pieces of the history of local or international sexuality are usually collected and displayed.